Though he was born in the Baltimore area in Maryland, North Carolina is the place that E-Dub considers to be home. After moving to Fayetteville in 1995 he didn’t leave the area until 2013 when he went to Atlanta in further pursuit of his music career.

E-Dub was always an avid fan of music of all genres. He began trying to write the lyrics of songs down and memorize them around the age of 11 which eventually turned into him writing his own music – though he didn’t begin to take music seriously until around 2003. In 2005 he did his first major tour with Pastor Troy, Rasheeda, and D4L; though since then he has done many other tours with various artist across many states.

E-Dub had his 1st radio single played in 2004, though most recently his song with Upsouth30 titled “Dead Boy” was one of the biggest independent singles that local radio had ever seen. On top of those and the wide array of other songs that he’s had on the radio, E-Dub has also won numerous accolades and has been seen in many publications. His first magazine interview was in 2007, and he has been on the cover of popular local publications more than once. He also won Best Male Rapper of the Year at the NC Independent Music Awards, as well as being nominated for various others – such as Lyricist of the Year and Video of the Year at the NCUMAs.

E-Dub is formerly a professional battle rapper who started his career with Grind Time. Although he seen plenty of success, he decided to leave the battle rap world to focus more in depth on his career in music. After a brief stint with Trill Entertainment, E-Dub is coming back off a 2-year break with his new album Tanzanite Opus. This album he feels will be special because it will be his first solo project since 2010 (due to his place with Upsouth30 in their rap duo). More information on the album and other events will be posted on this site as soon as it becomes available, so please check back soon!